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Frequently Asked Questions


I can’t access the presentations when I click ‘Watch Live’. What do I do?
We first recommend you check Teams is installed on your computer/device, as the presentations are delivered via Teams. If you are still having difficulties, please contact the ACG.


Can I have my camera and microphone on to communicate with delegates, session chairs and presenters through Teams?
Please keep your camera and microphone off throughout the duration of the event unless the session chair invites you to turn them on.

Can I chat with people online?
The Caving 2022 platform does not have a chat function, however, you can chat with online attendees via Teams. Please ensure you select who your message will be sent to before sending, as the default setting is to message all attendees.

How do I contact a sponsor?
Click ‘Sponsors’ in the menu across the top of the event page. Clicking on the sponsor’s logo will take you to their profile where you can find a form to contact the sponsor.

How do I submit a question to a speaker?
You can submit questions to a speaker during the question and answer time at the end of their presentation. Please type your question in the chat box on Teams and ensure that you are sending it to everyone so that the speaker, session chairperson and the event audiovisual team can see the question. Please type your question into the chat box before the question and answer session commences as the session chair will select questions in advance.


Can I record the presentations?
You are not permitted to record Caving 2022 presentations. Both the Attendee and Presenter Terms & Conditions state, ‘The ACG applies restrictions on recording the Event. All unauthorised recording, video recording, and photography or transmission of the Event’s course material, data, or information is expressly prohibited’.

I can’t make one of the Caving 2022 Conference presentations or I have missed a Caving 2022 Conference presentation. Can I watch a recording of it online?
The ACG will make the presentations available on-demand from 7 September to 30 November 2022..

I can’t make one of the workshop presentations or I have missed a workshop presentation. Can I watch a recording of it online?
The After the Big Bang Workshop workshop will be recorded for LKAB records and will not be made available post-event. The Panel/Block Caving Workshop will not be recorded. Course notes will, however, be distributed to short course attendees only post-event, subject to presenter approval.

Papers and Proceedings

How do I access the papers being presented?
All Caving 2022 papers are freely available via the ACG Online Repository of Conference Proceedings at courtesy of Open Access Sponsors, Hatch and OZ Minerals. You can also access the papers via the Caving 2022 platform by navigating to ‘Papers’ in the menu across the top of the event page.


I am a speaker and I would like to change details on my speaker profile. Can I do this?
Please email to request changes to your speaker profile.

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