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AMC Consultants

AMC Consultants (AMC) is a global consultancy firm dedicated to helping miners find smarter ways to unearth hidden business value. We help mining leaders evaluate opportunities, solve hidden productivity challenges, and improve performance across the mining cycle.

At our core, we answer four key needs: evaluate, develop, improve, and transform. Since 1983, we have helped miners evaluate potential mining projects or investments and develop world-class mining operations. While our Advisory team delivered more than $5 billion in bottom-line growth opportunities.

Having worked on 10,000+ projects for 1,800+ clients in 111+ countries across 60+ commodities, our global team has seen most challenges. And chances are, it has created a smarter way to solve them supported by our Smart Data System™. It was built over 20 years by mining professionals who wanted to understand drivers of excellence in mine performance, using genuinely comparable or ‘like-for-like’ cost and productivities. It’s what makes the largest site-sourced benchmarking data set in the world also the most valuable.

Beyond our data, it is our unique approach and our people that keep clients coming back year after year. In fact, 75 percent of AMC’s business is repeat business, proof that we’re delivering them a smarter way to mine. In addition, at AMC, we only employ career miners, people who understand both the art and science of mining and won’t avoid the reality of the challenge.

Our team of more than 150 has grown steadily in number, capability, and expertise. It includes world-renowned experts in their respective fields, working from our offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Toronto, Vancouver, Singapore, and Maidenhead (UK).

Our services include:

  • Advisory -AMC Advisory is a specialized team of AMC Consultants focused on providing whole of mine optimization advice. This includes 10x Performance Diagnostics™, Hill of Value™ Strategy Optimization, and Predictive Geometallurgy™.
  • Mining -Innovative, practical solutions to complex engineering problems based on operational experience, industry insight, and up-to-date performance data.
  • Geotechnical Engineering – Unrivalled geotechnical expertise and proven success across the full range of mining methods and deposit styles.
  • Geology – Reliable resource statements written by our experts in international resource reporting standards.
  • Business Improvement – World-class experts using a proven process to ensure you are extracting every dollar of profit from your operation.
  • Coal & Energy – Tools that address the global demand for varied energy solutions developed by geological, geotechnical, and mining specialists.
  • Metallurgy – Unique multidisciplinary approach to optimizing mining and ore processing operations, from in-situ deposit to final product.
  • Engineering Services – Multidisciplinary approach to technical challenges including backfill, ventilation, and mechanical engineering.
  • Feasibility Studies – Management and coordination of studies  that are trusted by the world’s major investment banks and mining companies, underpinning billions of dollars of investments.
  • Corporate Consultancy – Technical opinion that can withstand the scrutiny of regulators, funders, and investors, by a name that is trusted for its independence, confidentiality, and quality of advice.
  • Training – ​​​​​​​Practical training delivered by leading experts, to extend the skills of technical and operations staff.

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