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IoT Automation

IoT Automation proudly owns the FireFly Smart Lighting System. IoT Automation enables Real-Time Situational Awareness in underground mines and tunnels through connecting current safety and productivity solutions to the FireFly Smart Lighting network. The FireFly System reinforces safety procedures in the event of emergencies such as seismic events, gas leaks, fires, ground movement, and other mine/tunnel-wide emergencies through its customisable modes and colours that can provide red, green, amber, blue, or white tunnel illumination.

Purposely built for underground mining and tunnelling, FireFly utilises industry-standard cabling and connectors and IP66-rated modules. The FireFly System is IoT-enhanced through onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios for wireless device integration such as asset tracking and proximity alerts. Through smart illumination and user-friendly controls, the FireFly System is a robust solution that any underground operation would be remiss to do without.

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