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Maptek has been at the forefront of innovative mining technology for 40 years, providing the global mining industry with innovative, high quality solutions for the business critical technical challenges that operations face every day. We are well-known for providing the best tools for a wide range of mining applications. Now we are combining the best of the best tools to help miners make better decisions through integrated decision-making support systems.

Our products span mining types and commodities, providing the link between the geological, spatial design, execution and measurement details of a mining operation and the business outcomes and profitability of our customers.

Maptek researches and employs new technologies across a global R&D effort to deliver innovative, technically robust solutions to meet customer needs. Incorporating machine learning and automation platforms is key to targeting the performance and quality gains that can still be made in mine planning and technical operations.

Maptek solutions are used at more than 2200 sites in over 95 countries, with solutions across the mining cycle from exploration to mine site rehabilitation. Our solutions are delivered via cloud-hosted licensing and computing frameworks that enable our customers to work efficiently from anywhere at any time. 

Maptek recently reaffirmed our long-held purpose to put customer-driven solutions at the forefront of everything we do, to forever change the way mining is done. We will continue to be at the forefront of developing and delivering technical solutions to mines by understanding the needs of the industry and investing in the best people and partnerships to deliver our solutions.

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