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SRK Consulting

SRK Consulting is an independent, international consulting practice providing focused mining project advice and solutions to the resource industry from early-stage exploration, through development and operations to mine closure.

Our geologists, geotechnical engineers and mining engineers have the first-hand knowledge and experience needed to evaluate the specific economic and infrastructure requirements of your caving project to deliver the most viable cave mining options, including environmental and closure solutions, during the study stage and later operations.

Cave Mining

Cave mining has spread over the last 20 years due to the depletion of shallow orebodies (typically mined via open pits) and the drive for the high underground production rates and low operating costs that cave mining offers. This method also suits scenarios where ore continues below final open pit bottoms. Caving techniques can be used across all mineral commodities with well understood geological and geotechnical conditions. While cave mines have significantly smaller environmental footprints than comparable open pit mines, they come with their own challenges. SRK’s specialists can help overcome these challenges.

Our Cave Mining Services

  • Conceptual and feasibility studies
  • Rock mass and structural characterisation
  • Caveability assessments and numerical modelling
  • Mining method selection and mine design, including selecting block, panel, incline, or front caving mining methods
  • Footprint finder analysis
  • Cave development and materials handling simulation and optimisation
  • Mine economic cost modelling
  • Operational support: mine planning reviews, geotechnical assessments
  • Due diligence and independent reviews
  • Planning fixed underground infrastructure to provide a long-term production platform
  • Risk assessments to balance the advantages of increased cave heights with the risks of resource sterilisation, dilution, drawpoint failure, and extraction level instability
  • Economic optimisation


More About SRK

SRK has successfully completed a wide range of projects, large and small, across the full spectrum of mineral commodities. Among our clients are many of the world’s major, medium-sized, and junior metal and industrial mineral mining houses, exploration companies, financial institutions, construction firms, and government organisations. Our established working relationships with regulators and the international banking community help us to reduce permitting and project financing risks.

SRK’s independence is ensured by the fact that we are strictly a consultancy organisation with ownership primarily by our staff, holding no equity in any project. This enables our consultants to provide clients with conflict-free and objective advice on crucial judgement issues.


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